Guwahati police has detained 112 vehicles for violating lockdown rules on the first day of the latest 14-day lockdown in Guwahati city.

Of the 112 detained vehicles were 61 two wheelers, 17 three wheelers, 32 four wheelers and 2 six wheeler vehicles.

Further, 26 persons have been arrested for flouting lockdown rules and 4 cases have been registered across Kamrup Metro. 

A total fine amounting to Rs. 3000 has been collected from those seen without masks by the city police.

So far, Rs. 63,52,900 has been collected from across the state by Assam Police since the first lockdown from those found without masks.

In addition to this, 3,444 cases have been registered so far against those violating lockdown rules from across the state and a total fine amounting up to Rs. 4,35,84,750 has been collected  so far.

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