As the India-China standoff intensifies, social media is abuzz with netizens, influencers, celebrities and politicians calling for a complete ban on the use of Chinese products.

While #BoycottChina, #BoycottChineseProducts were among the trending hashtags on social media platforms like Twitter, other hashtags like #TeachLessonToChina and #ChinaGetOut also filled several social media posts.

Netizens are also circulating memes to attack China amid the border clashes. 

Some users shared the Winnie the Pooh meme to attack Chinese President Xi Jinping. The meme began in 2013 when former US President Barack Obama met Xi Jinping. A photo of the two leaders walking together prompted users to compare the two leaders with Pooh and Tiger walking together.

Others are sharing footage of throwing/breaking Chinese products to showcase their rage.

Twitterati also tagged Bollywood stars and urged them to stop promoting Chinese brands. 

“I urge all the Bollywood celebrities who are promoting Chinese products, say no for the promotion if you are a real patriot,” wrote a Twitter user.

“China saying it doesn’t want clashes is like Karan Johar saying he doesn’t want nepotism,” wrote another user.

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