GUWAHATI: The Maa Kamakhya Devalaya Committee, in a press release on 17th June, informed of the presence of fraudsters who had been looting devotees by pretending to be priests. 

These fraudsters are reportedly running fake websites, FB pages, online shopping companies and thereby collecting money from innocent devotees for online puja, prasad, sindoor, raktabastra etc through them. 

Most of the fraudsters cheat the devotees with the pretext of offering prayers at the shrine on their behalf. 

The committee has thus requested devotees to authenticate the identity and the local address of such people before making payments.

“No one except the priests/pandas who are residing here for generations has the access to these things,” read the press release.

Mohit Chandra Sarma, Doloi of Maa Kamakhya Devalaya Committee talking to media said, “We have been seeing many online sites selling products in the name of the holy shrine. But the temple priests have not been involved in any such online puja or anything else.”

“We have put up a verbal complaint with the Kamakhya Police Outpost as of now. If required we will file a written complaint later on,” he added.

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