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Today while addressing the nation Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that the lockdown will continue to 3rd May 2020.

Coming week the lockdown will be more strict and proper procedure will be followed

From 20 April after inspecting the situation few less effected region may get a loose end to operate in limited condition

On 15th April a new guideline will be released by the Government

Prime Minister urged the nation to follow these 7 steps and guidelines

  1. Take care of old people in your family and specially to those with old disease
  2. To maintain social distancing during the lockdown and use mask all the time.
  3. Follow the Ayush Mantralay guidelines to increase immunity
  4. Download Aragya Setu mobile application
  5. Help the poor people around you
  6. Help your workers in this time of need.
  7. Appreciate and cooperate with Doctors, Nurses, cleaners and police and appreciate their effort

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