State Health Minister, Himanta Biswa Sarma said that Assam will be under complete lockdown from 6 PM of 24th Mar till 31st March, 2020.

Here are the key points from the Announcement

· Assam Locked-down from 23rd March (6 PM) to 31st March (Midnight).

· No sample have been tested positive for Covid-19 in Assam yet.

· During lockdown, ration/grocery shops, pharmacies, petrol pumps to remain open.

· All educational institutions, private and government offices, business establishments to be closed.

· Essential offices like Electricity Board , Health Services to remain open.

· Citizens requested to stay indoors.

· Will take action against those loitering outside under Section 270, IPC.

· Hospitals, Ambulance Services and other Public Health Services to remain open.

· Flight services restricted; passenger rail services completely suspended.

· Interstate movement of transport to be stopped during lockdown.

· All private vehicles will be stopped; except for ambulances.

· State borders to be sealed.

· Banks to remain open; not more than 10 employees to be present.

· Not more than 3 people to gather in religious places.

· Sonapur Civil Hospital, MMCH and GMCH Eye Department to be converted into Corona care centres. Patients to visit Sankardev Netralaya for eye treatment.

· No price rise on groceries.

· OPD patients not to visit medical hospitals.

· All University hostels and hotels can be considered for further quarantine of patients.

· All leaves of Health Department Officials Cancelled until further notice.

· DC instructed to requisition Hotels and Hostels in every town.

· Hostels and Hotels to be used for accommodating mildly affected people.

· 24 Hour Call Centre set up under emergency number 104.

· Do not take this lockdown as a celebration time. Stay at home for your own safety.

· Elderly at most risk.

· Inside your house, maintain social-distance, especially from elders.

· Vegetable, Poultry and Meat Market to remain closed.

· Don’t circulate fake WhatsApp messages; Follow authentic government sites and organizations with blue tick/verification badge.

· Media industry to cut non-essential staff.

· 100 more ventilators to be acquired by Government of Assam.

· LPG shops to remain closed till March 31.

· Residential society will have to increase surveillance.

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