State health and family welfare minister, Himanta Biswa Sarma in a press meet on March 20 said that “Those who have traveled outside the country in the last 30 days for various reasons for attending seminars, exchange students, business-related work and even tourists and are not being able to return to Assam as airlines have shut down, they will each be given 2,000 dollars in their respective accounts.”

He added that for this, an email id will be published in the newspaper on March 22
“Those stuck outside can mail on this email Id, their passport will be checked and they will be provided with the money.”

He mentioned that 2000 dollars is an initial amount and the government will decide on the future course depending on the situation.

“People from Assam whose visas and passports have expired and people are stuck outside, they too can notify the government on the email id and the concerned Indian embassy in the country will be notified,” stated the minister.

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