The World Health Organization (WHO) Philippines said that coronavirus has spread to “countries with both hot and humid climates, as well as cold and dry.”

WHO Philippines, which was answering to rumors and myths about coronavirus pandemic which has lead to over 7,000 deaths globally, said, “Wherever you live, whatever the climate is, it is important to follow precautions.”

It further advised people to wash hands frequently and covering coughs and sneezes with a tissue or a bent elbow. WHO has also advised throwing tissues in the bin and washing of hands immediately.

Till now, a total of 147 positive cases have been reported in India.

In Assam, no positive cases have been reported till now but the government has taken several preventive steps to prevent coronavirus spread.

All educational institutions, gyms, restaurants, and swimming pools have been shut down in Assam. Further, parks, museums, public places have also been closed.

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