In order to form the experience of tourists pleasant and seamless, a budget of Rs 10 Lakh is to tend under ‘Asom Darshan’ for every tourist destination.

The allocation are going to be administered by Deputy Commissioners of respective districts under Transformation & Development Department.

Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal and minister of finance Himanta Biswa Sarma said Rs 10 lakh each would tend to temples, mosques, mazars and churches which are over 100 years for infrastructure development.

Apart from this, the tourism department has also identified 316 picnic and tourist destinations within the state for development and these would later be included within the ‘Asom Darshan’ scheme.

Meanwhile, a budget of Rs 150 cr is allocated under ‘Asom Darshan’ to enhance infrastructure of 316 listed destinations.

A fixed amount shall be provided to every place for construction of restrooms & providing clean beverage & disposal facilities.

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