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In an unexpected incident, the Swami Krushnaswarup Dasji of Swaminarayan Bhuj Mandir sect said that if anyone eats food prepared by a woman who is menstruating even once, then their next avatar will certainly be that of a ‘balad’ or ox.

He further said, “A menstruating woman who cooks food for her husband will definitely be reborn as a kutri (bitch).”

The preacher allegedly made the comments at a ratri sabha in Bhuj. He justified his remarks by saying that these rules are “outlined in Shastras”.

“If you eat food prepared by a menstruating woman even once then your next avatar will certainly be that of an ox,” the guru are often heard saying at one gathering.

Earlier, 60 girl students of a university in Bhuj were allegedly forced by hostel authorities to get rid of their undergarments to see if they were menstruating.

The SSGI college is run by a trust of the Swaminarayan Temple and is affiliated to the Krantiguru Shyamji Krishna Verma Kutch University.

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