Assam Congress leader Debabrata Saikia has reiterated his demand to the Government to tackle the rampant mining this is taking vicinity throughout Assam. The chief of the opposition in Assam has additionally charged the Government of “contempt of court” for the non-appointment of a high-level committee to probe the issue, which the Government had ordered.

In 2018 and 2019, the Congressman had approached the High Court demanding stringent action against the illegal mining mafia that reportedly operates syndicates in Assam. The Court, in its response, had recommended the setting up of a High-Level Committee and a Mines and Minerals Task Force Battalion. However, the committee has not been constituted as of yet and Saikia has raised the issue with the Chief Justice of the Guwahati High Court.

Debabrata Saikia stated that mining of various sorts is “rampant” in Assam, however goes unchecked. “The Government talks of keeping nature, however the equal nature is being exploited by means of the illegal mining activities of substances like coal, minerals, stones. This is extraordinarily harmful for the environment…”

Lamenting that the Government still has no longer fashioned a high degree committee to probe the issue, the senior Congress chief said, “Look, this is a contempt of the Court. After I filed my petitions, the Court had ordered the formation of committee to probe the issue, but alas, on January 22, the duration given for the formation of a committee has elapsed, but the committee has now not been formed. That unlawful mining is rampant is apparent for all of us to see”

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