The National Democratic Front of Bodoland (Saoraigwra) or NDFB-(S) has informed that a peaceful and separate Bodoland is their important call for from the Government of India.
Expressing his gratitude to the country and imperative governments for welcoming the NDFB(S) cadres, NDFB President, B Saoraigwra said, “Very quickly the political problem of the Bodos can be solved… We deliver our love and gratitude to the people of Assam. We believe that we can surely be able to solve the long-pending hassle of the Bodos.”
NDFB(S) Secretary BR Feranga is likewise hopeful that the discussion with the government yields advantageous results. “I hope that through this negotiation the government will convey a nonviolent solution to the Bodos. Bodoland is our call for,” he said.
It can be referred to here that more than fifty cadres have lower back to India from Myanmar via the Nagaland and Manipur international borders in order to speak about peace deals with the government. They arrived with their families on January 11 to undertaking into a greater nonviolent world via discussing their problems with the centre and come to a nonviolent solution.
According to the two NDFB(S) leaders, the authorities had been welcoming to the concept of agreeing to the terms and situations of the group. “The authorities of India have taken this initiative. Within a quick period, we are able to see the results. We are discussing about peace and the way to resolve the Bodo trouble. We agree that it is going to be resolved very quickly.
Responding to a query on whether NDFB would exist after the peace talks, the president replied, “There may be no doubt on the lifestyles of NDFB. We are NDFB,” implying that the NDFB would in no way quit existing.

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