Zubeen Garg in a social gathering in Assam said that he will not shave his beard until the government scraps the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).

Zubeen said, “My beard is changing to grey because I am growing old and have been engaged in this movement against the Act. But I have decided that I will only shave when the government scraps the CAA”. 

He said the politicians have made several statements, which are not yet clear to anyone but the protesters have their cause right.

Taking a dig at the BJP govt he said, “We want everyone to stay united. 

The only thing the BJP has is money and it is the only thing that is making it run. But sentiments, regionalism and everything related to the community do not run by money. 

The government and politicians from the Centre cannot understand us. They just came here for a few hours on helicopters, took a look at us from above and went off.”

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